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- チーム分けについて -

・PracticePvP Staff Team

・Mini-Game Staff Team

・SyuuAnni Staff Team

・Builder Staff Team

・DEV Staff Team



Staff List




We’ve restructured and updated the staff team positioning.


In a nutshell, we’ve divided the staff team into 5 different divisions.

[The devision is as follows]

・PracticePvP Staff Team

・Mini-Game Staff Team

・SyuuAnni Staff Team

・Builder Staff Team

・DEV Staff Team


Staff List Click Here



Excel Ver List


May 13, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. RED vs BLUE Annihilation Event is on!

If you haven't seen the first one, you can watch the Highlights → Click Here


This recruitment will take place on our Discord Server!
Click here to join SyuuNet Discord and please check discord announce!


- Here are the prizes! -
① - Every winning team member will receive a Prefix in their team color

② - One MVP player will receive a set of 24 DrPepper 350ml



Special supporter

Kanagawa-Ebina Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan


Hello SyuuNet Community!
First of all, sorry for the delay in updating the NEW SEASON.
This is about NewSeason.


About Ban reset
Ban reset will take place by May 8.


About Season Prefix

Season Prefixes for those on the Leaderboard will be applied by May 8. Sorry for the delay.


About New Lobby
New Lobby has been applied! It's bigger and easier to see!
Thanks to the Builder Team for creating it!

SyuuNet produces Skywars!
It will be released in June! Enjoy!

About Staff Application
The staff application was closed on May 3.
Thank you for all the applications!
Please check back as we have replied to all applications.
Applications that haven't been replied to yet will get a reply by May 10!


The Bedwars server has been temporarily under maintenance.
The maintenance is now over and you can play!
Thank you for your patience!