The rules may change at any time. Please read all the rules below before joining.

In addition, punishment time limits are decided by the Management. When connecting to this server, it is proof that you agree to the rules.

If you have multiple connections from the same IP (family, friends, living together) please report in advance.

The "number of times" and "permanent ban" specified in the following sentences include alternate accounts.


Use of Modded Minecraft (Forbiden Mods, Use of clients)

Mods that can not be executed on the original minecraft such as Kill Aura, Aimbot, and Fly.

Acts like you are cheating and may confuse admins.

Use of unauthorized / illegal mods If you use any mods other than these, you may be banned.

This includes if the creator / developer is not the original even though the mod has the same name.

Using any modification in an attempt to circumvent the anticheat will also fall under this category.

False reports against management

Faking / forging evidence when reporting people, or implying that there is a bug that has a significant impact on the server even if there is none

This is true.

Use of autoclickers

Do not assign clicks to any button other than one for any reason. (The same applies to the right click)

The use of multiple buttons is limited. Settings such as clicking on the wheel / multiple side buttons are also prohibited.

Do not configure settings that emit multiple inputs (such as assigning to a double click) with a single click.

In addition, using Butterfly Click (the action of hitting with two fingers in a row) and Drag Click (the action of rubbing so as to slide the surface of the mouse) has a high chance that anti-cheat will log it as an autoclicker, please use on your own risk. We will not unban you as a result of this

In many cases, there is a possiblity that the anti-cheat will log it as an autoclicker, please use on your own risk.

Think of it even if you come up with a new, creative click method. If you receive punishment, you will not be unbanned until you provide evidence of this new click method.

Abuse of bugs

The act of exploiting and abusing minecraft or plugin bugs

Use of macros

The act of the mouse clicking twice with a single click (Double clicking) or using an application that automatically clicks.

This includes using a tablet / drawing tablet and a mouse simultaneously with a laptop pad.

Staff disrespect

Please don't bother and annoy the staff too much. We are humans too. Please respect all players.

Inappropriate chat

Anything obscene or things that doesn't belong to the chat fall in this category

Using stolen accounts

Definition of "stolen account" : Any account that YOU did not buy from . This includes but not limited to: sharing account, buying account from thrid party, cracking accounts

Don't use these under any circumstances, only use your own account.

If you do use it, the account that you usually use may be punished as well.

Borrowing / Lending accounts also falls under this category

Excessive advertising, server advertising, etc.

Although words such as server names are permitted within ordinary conversation between players, but obvious advertisements, server advertisements, etc. are bound to punishment.

If you are currently posting syuu content on an regular schedule, you are allowed to advertise the URL,

If you are advertising for other servers in syuu, it is not permitted.

Advertising activities such as channels that have not been uploading syuu content will be subject to punishmen

Releasing private information

Don't say someone else's real name, phone number, email address, IP address, etc. that can identify people in real life.

This includes writing private information on signs or books.

Usage of alternate accounts

As a rule, alt accounts are prohibited.

If there you are using an alt and you have a valid reason, you can tell us why you need to use it.

Although this situation is possible, if there is no need at all, we may ask you to stop the use of alt accounts.

There is no reason to ban evade / avoid ban.

Use of VPNs

Do not use softwares (such as WTFast, SoftEther, etc.)

The use of VPN will automatically stop your connection to the server temporarily.

Using VPN "only 1 time" can result in servere consequence

It has a possibility to be recognized as a alt account and is punishable. (Ban evading-[name of player who didn't follow the rules])

About "Screen Share"

If it is determined that there is a high possibility of illegal activity, you may be asked to share your screen using Anydesk. You will not be punished if it is confirmed that you have not been cheating on the screen share, but if cheating is confirmed on the screen share, it will result into a ban. In addition, if you refuse to screen share or you logout during the time you were frozen / if you leave on the middle of the screen share, you will banned.

there is no obligation to disclose the analysis content of screen sharing.

Elo Manipulation

Manipulation your elo wtih intention both up and down will result in a ban

Cheating Tolerance

Saying something that can in interperated as cheating tolerance can result in a ban