Rules can be updated by the administration at any time; Please read all the rules below before joining. By logging into the server, you agree to those sets of rules. In addition, punishment lengths are decided by the Management. 

Please notify the staff team in advance If you have/going to have multiple connections from the same IP (family, friends, living together). 

The "number of offenses" and "permanent ban" specified in the following sentences include ones applied to alternate accounts.


In case there are any collisions in the English rules from Japanese rules, please be advised that the Japanese rules will have a higher priority and authority over any other language rules.

Use of Modified Minecraft (Disallowed Mods, Use of hack clients)

Use of Mods or clients that alters Minecraft mechanics in such ways that gives users unfair advantages in games. 


Use of disallowed modifications. Use of any mods that are not listed in the allowed mods list is ‘Use at your own risk’. You may be punished for using mods that are not listed in the list.

This rule applies to instances to remake mods that are not from the original creator. We strongly advise you to comply with the list.

Using any modification in an attempt to circumvent the anticheat will also fall under this category.


False reports.

Forging and faking evidence in an attempt to confuse, mislead the staff members is strictly prohibited. This includes, but not limited to reporting players or reporting bugs. 


Use of AutoClickers / Macros

Assigning click buttons (Left and/or right click) is not allowed; The use of multiple buttons is limited. Settings such as clicking on the wheel / multiple side buttons are also prohibited.


Do not configure settings that emit multiple inputs (such as assigning to a double click) with a single click. In addition, butterfly click (the action of hitting with two fingers in a row) and Drag Click (the action of rubbing so as to slide the surface of the mouse) has a high chance that anti-cheat will log it as an autoclicker as those two are impossible to distinguish from legitimate clicking. Those are supposed to be done at your own risk; You will not be unbanned if you receive punishment(s) because of this.

Think of it even if you come up with a new, creative click method. If you receive punishment, you will not be unbanned until you provide evidence of this new click method.

Abuse of bugs/exploits.

Abuse of any game and/or plugin bugs is strictly prohibited and will result in a punishment


Use of Double Clickers.

Use of double clickers (Single click registering as multiple click), regardless of intention is prohibited. This includes using a tablet / drawing tablet and a mouse simultaneously with a laptop pad.

Staff/Player disrespect.

Please respect all community members, and treat them with respect. 


Inappropriate chat.

Anything obscene or things that don't belong to the chat fall in this category. Players has right not to be exposed to certain content or comments. 


Use of stolen accounts.

Definition of "stolen account" is the following:


You are not permitted to use those account(s) under any circumstances; Please use the account you rightfully own. You will receive a punishment for using stolen accounts. 


Excessive advertising, server advertising, etc.

Although words such as server names are permitted within ordinary conversation between players, obvious advertisements, server advertisements, etc. will lead to punishment.

If you are currently posting Syuu content on an regular schedule, you are allowed to advertise the URL. You are not allowed to advertise other servers in any shape or form on Syuu Network platforms.

Advertising channels that have not been uploading syuu content will be subject to punishment


Releasing private information

Revealing private information of others is strictly prohibited. Private information includes, but not limited to IP address, home address, real name. This rule applies to actions such as writing private information on signs or books.

Usage of alternate accounts

Use of alt accounts is generally prohibited on the server unless the reason for usage is valid.

We may ask you to provide reasoning to the use of alt account, or request you to stop using alt account at any time. 

Ban Evading and punishment evading is strictly prohibited.

If you have access to a banned account, you may not use any account to connect to the server

Use of VPNs


The use of VPN will automatically stop your connection to the server. You may be linked to an account you do not own; Please do not use VPNs to avoid issues.

Rules regarding Screen share

If the administration determines that you are cheating, or has a suspicion of cheating, you may be asked to share your screen using Anydesk. If you were confirmed to be innocent, you will not be punished, if it is confirmed otherwise, you will be punished accordingly. Refusal to screen share, logging out whilst frozen or leaving mid screen share will result in a punishment.

We do not owe any obligation to disclose findings or details about the screenshare results.

ELO Boosting/Manipulation

Boosting or manipulation of ELOs is strictly prohibited.


Encouragement of Cheating

Saying something that can in interpreted as cheating tolerance or encouragement can result in a ban